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Lamé wave equation


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1: 29.11 Lamé Wave Equation
§29.11 Lamé Wave Equation
The Lamé (or ellipsoidal) wave equation is given by …
2: 29.18 Mathematical Applications
§29.18(i) Sphero-Conal Coordinates
where u 1 , u 2 , u 3 each satisfy the Lamé wave equation (29.11.1). …
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  • 4: 31.18 Methods of Computation
    The computation of the accessory parameter for the Heun functions is carried out via the continued-fraction equations (31.4.2) and (31.11.13) in the same way as for the Mathieu, Lamé, and spheroidal wave functions in Chapters 2830.
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  • 6: Hans Volkmer
    Volkmer has published numerous papers on special functions, spectral theory, differential equations, and mathematical statistics. …
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