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Lagrange inversion theorem


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1: 4.37 Inverse Hyperbolic Functions
§4.37 Inverse Hyperbolic Functions
Inverse Hyperbolic Sine
Inverse Hyperbolic Cosine
Inverse Hyperbolic Tangent
Other Inverse Functions
2: 4.23 Inverse Trigonometric Functions
§4.23 Inverse Trigonometric Functions
Inverse Sine
Inverse Cosine
Inverse Tangent
Other Inverse Functions
3: 22.15 Inverse Functions
§22.15 Inverse Functions
§22.15(i) Definitions
Each of these inverse functions is multivalued. The principal values satisfy …
4: 3.3 Interpolation
§3.3 Interpolation
§3.3(i) Lagrange Interpolation
With an error term the Lagrange interpolation formula for f is given by …
§3.3(ii) Lagrange Interpolation with Equally-Spaced Nodes
5: 1.10 Functions of a Complex Variable
Picard’s Theorem
§1.10(iv) Residue Theorem
Rouché’s Theorem
Lagrange Inversion Theorem
Extended Inversion Theorem
6: 18.40 Methods of Computation
§18.40(ii) The Classical Moment Problem
Stieltjes Inversion via (approximate) Analytic Continuation
Histogram Approach
In what follows this is accomplished in two ways: i) via the Lagrange interpolation of §3.3(i) ; and ii) by constructing a pointwise continued fraction, or PWCF, as follows: … Comparisons of the precisions of Lagrange and PWCF interpolations to obtain the derivatives, are shown in Figure 18.40.2. …
7: 2.2 Transcendental Equations
where F 0 = f 0 and s F s ( s 1 ) is the coefficient of x 1 in the asymptotic expansion of ( f ( x ) ) s (Lagrange’s formula for the reversion of series). …
8: 28.27 Addition Theorems
§28.27 Addition Theorems
Addition theorems provide important connections between Mathieu functions with different parameters and in different coordinate systems. They are analogous to the addition theorems for Bessel functions (§10.23(ii)) and modified Bessel functions (§10.44(ii)). …
9: Bibliography D
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  • 10: 4.38 Inverse Hyperbolic Functions: Further Properties
    §4.38 Inverse Hyperbolic Functions: Further Properties
    §4.38(i) Power Series
    §4.38(ii) Derivatives
    §4.38(iii) Addition Formulas
    4.38.19 Arctanh u ± Arccoth v = Arctanh ( u v ± 1 v ± u ) = Arccoth ( v ± u u v ± 1 ) .