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  • 2: 30.10 Series and Integrals
    For an addition theorem, see Meixner and Schäfke (1954, p. 300) and King and Van Buren (1973). …
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  • 4: 30.18 Software
    See also King et al. (1970), King and Van Buren (1970), Van Buren et al. (1970), and Van Buren et al. (1972). …
    5: Nico M. Temme
    On the occasion of his retirement in 2005 he was awarded the decoration Knight in the Order of the Dutch Lion, issued by the King of the Netherlands. …
    6: 1 Algebraic and Analytic Methods
    … …
    7: 4 Elementary Functions
    8: 26 Combinatorial Analysis
    9: David M. Bressoud
    … …  1950 in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania) is DeWitt Wallace Professor of Mathematics at Macalester College, St. …  Wagon), published by Key College Press in 2000, and A Radical Approach to Lebesgue’s Theory of Integration, published by the Mathematical Association of America and Cambridge University Press in 2007. …
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