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Gauss–Hermite formula


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1: 3.5 Quadrature
GaussHermite Formula
Table 3.5.10: Nodes and weights for the 5-point GaussHermite formula.
± x k w k
Table 3.5.11: Nodes and weights for the 10-point GaussHermite formula.
± x k w k
Table 3.5.12: Nodes and weights for the 15-point GaussHermite formula.
± x k w k
Table 3.5.13: Nodes and weights for the 20-point GaussHermite formula.
± x k w k
2: 18.5 Explicit Representations
§18.5(ii) Rodrigues Formulas
Related formula: …
For corresponding formulas for Chebyshev, Legendre, and the Hermite He n polynomials apply (18.7.3)–(18.7.6), (18.7.9), and (18.7.11). …
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