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Fourier series


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1: 1.8 Fourier Series
§1.8 Fourier Series
Parseval’s Formula
Uniqueness of Fourier Series
2: 28.14 Fourier Series
§28.14 Fourier Series
The Fourier series
3: 27.17 Other Applications
Reed et al. (1990, pp. 458–470) describes a number-theoretic approach to Fourier analysis (called the arithmetic Fourier transform) that uses the Möbius inversion (27.5.7) to increase efficiency in computing coefficients of Fourier series. …
4: Peter L. Walker
Walker’s books are An Introduction to Complex Analysis, published by Hilger in 1974, The Theory of Fourier Series and Integrals, published by Wiley in 1986, Elliptic Functions. A Constructive Approach, published by Wiley in 1996, and Examples and Theorems in Analysis, published by Springer in 2004. …
5: 6.16 Mathematical Applications
Consider the Fourier seriesCompare Figure 6.16.1. … It occurs with Fourier-series expansions of all piecewise continuous functions. … …
6: 1.15 Summability Methods
§1.15(iii) Summability of Fourier Series
Poisson Kernel
Fejér Kernel
Abel Means
7: 29.20 Methods of Computation
The Fourier series may be summed using Clenshaw’s algorithm; see §3.11(ii). … The corresponding eigenvectors yield the coefficients in the finite Fourier series for Lamé polynomials. …
8: 21.10 Methods of Computation
In addition to evaluating the Fourier series, the main problem here is to compute a Riemann matrix originating from a Riemann surface. …
9: 27.10 Periodic Number-Theoretic Functions
Every function periodic (mod k ) can be expressed as a finite Fourier series of the form … is a periodic function of n ( mod k ) and has the finite Fourier-series expansion …
10: Guide to Searching the DLMF
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