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1: Customize DLMF
Customize DLMF
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2: 24.1 Special Notation
Bernoulli Numbers and Polynomials
The origin of the notation B n , B n ( x ) , is not clear. …
Euler Numbers and Polynomials
Its coefficients were first studied in Euler (1755); they were called Euler numbers by Raabe in 1851. The notations E n , E n ( x ) , as defined in §24.2(ii), were used in Lucas (1891) and Nörlund (1924). …
3: About MathML
, built-in to the browser) support for MathML is growing, (see Browsers supporting MathML). …By default, DLMF will use Native support when available; You may choose how MathML is processed (Native or MathJax) at Customize DLMF. In rare cases, a browser lacks both MathML support and a robust enough javascript implementation capable of running MathJax; you may wish to visit the Customize DLMF page and choose the HTML+images document format. …
Browsers supporting MathML
Recent enhancements to the WebKit engine now provide support for MathML Core. …
4: Browsers
Most modern browsers support either MathML, or the MathJax fallback acceptably; If yours does not, please consider upgrading. …If none of those solutions work for you, you may explicitly choose a format such as HTML+images, using images for mathematics, at Customize DLMF. …
5: Viewing DLMF Interactive 3D Graphics
WebGL is supported in the current versions of most common web browsers. … 1, some advanced features of X3DOM are currently not fully supported (see x3dom.org). …If you have trouble viewing the WebGL visualizations in your web browser, see x3dom.org or caniuse.com/webgl for information on WebGL browser support. … After installing the viewer you must select Customize DLMF on the DLMF Menu bar and choose either VRML or X3D under “Visualization Format. … Please see caniuse.com/webgl or x3dom.org for information on WebGL browser support.
6: DLMF Project News
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7: 35 Functions of Matrix Argument
8: Gloria Wiersma
 1937 in Washington, DC) joined the NIST staff in 1973, where she occupied various positions providing support for the Physics Laboratory until 1993. …
9: Software Index
‘✓’ indicates that a software package implements the functions in a section; ‘a’ indicates available functionality through optional or add-on packages; an empty space indicates no known support. …
  • Research Software.

    This is software of narrow scope developed as a byproduct of a research project and subsequently made available at no cost to the public. The software is often meant to demonstrate new numerical methods or software engineering strategies which were the subject of a research project. When developed, the software typically contains capabilities unavailable elsewhere. While the software may be quite capable, it is typically not professionally packaged and its use may require some expertise. The software is typically provided as source code or via a web-based service, and no support is provided.

  • Open Source Collections and Systems.

    These are collections of software (e.g. libraries) or interactive systems of a somewhat broad scope. Contents may be adapted from research software or may be contributed by project participants who donate their services to the project. The software is made freely available to the public, typically in source code form. While formal support of the collection may not be provided by its developers, within active projects there is often a core group who donate time to consider bug reports and make updates to the collection.

  • Software Associated with Books.

    An increasing number of published books have included digital media containing software described in the book. Often, the collection of software covers a fairly broad area. Such software is typically developed by the book author. While it is not professionally packaged, it often provides a useful tool for readers to experiment with the concepts discussed in the book. The software itself is typically not formally supported by its authors.

  • Commercial Software.

    Such software ranges from a collection of reusable software parts (e.g., a library) to fully functional interactive computing environments with an associated computing language. Such software is usually professionally developed, tested, and maintained to high standards. It is available for purchase, often with accompanying updates and consulting support.

  • 10: About the Project
    The results have been published in book form as the NIST Handbook of Mathematical Functions, by Cambridge University Press, and disseminated in the free electronic Digital Library of Mathematical Functions. … Since that time there have been a number of developments. … For acknowledgements of financial support see Funding.