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1: 24.1 Special Notation
Bernoulli Numbers and Polynomials
The origin of the notation B n , B n ( x ) , is not clear. …
Euler Numbers and Polynomials
Its coefficients were first studied in Euler (1755); they were called Euler numbers by Raabe in 1851. The notations E n , E n ( x ) , as defined in §24.2(ii), were used in Lucas (1891) and Nörlund (1924). …
2: Peter L. Walker
was Professor of Mathematics at the American University of Sharjah, Sharjah, United Arab Emirates, in 1997–2005. … Walker’s published work has been mainly in real and complex analysis, with excursions into analytic number theory and geometry, the latter in collaboration with Professor Mowaffaq Hajja of the University of Jordan. Walker’s books are An Introduction to Complex Analysis, published by Hilger in 1974, The Theory of Fourier Series and Integrals, published by Wiley in 1986, Elliptic Functions. A Constructive Approach, published by Wiley in 1996, and Examples and Theorems in Analysis, published by Springer in 2004. …
3: 20 Theta Functions
4: 22 Jacobian Elliptic Functions
5: 23 Weierstrass Elliptic and Modular
6: How to Cite
When referring to a specific item (chapter, section, equation, …), please mention the reference number. …Your readers can then readily locate the item within the book or online (at http://dlmf.nist.gov/5.4.E1 in this example; see Permalinks & Reference numbers). … Since the reference number is immediately recognized from the URL as Eq. …1, it is quickly located in the book.
Permalinks & Reference numbers
7: Mourad E. H. Ismail
His well-known book Classical and Quantum Orthogonal Polynomials in One Variable was published by Cambridge University Press in 2005 and reprinted with corrections in paperback in Ismail (2009). Books for which he has served as editor or coeditor include, Mathematical Analysis, Wavelets, and Signal Processing (with M. … Suslov), Kluwer Academic Publishers, 2001; Symbolic Computation, Number Theory, Special Functions, Physics and Combinatorics (with F. … Ismail serves on several editorial boards including the Cambridge University Press book series Encyclopedia of Mathematics and its Applications, and on the editorial boards of 9 journals including Proceedings of the American Mathematical Society (Integrable Systems and Special Functions Editor); Constructive Approximation; Journal of Approximation Theory; and Integral Transforms and Special Functions. …
8: Antony Ross Barnett
Barnett’s current research interests are number theory and special functions. He is coauthor of the book Computing for Scientists (with R. …
9: Frank Garvan
He has written two books on MAPLE. …
  • 10: Morris Newman
    Newman wrote the book Matrix Representations of Groups, published by the National Bureau of Standards in 1968, and the book Integral Matrices, published by Academic Press in 1972, which became a classic. … He served as Associate Editor for Combinatorics and Number Theory for the DLMF project. …