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Coulomb wave equation


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1: 33.2 Definitions and Basic Properties
§33.2(i) Coulomb Wave Equation
2: 33.14 Definitions and Basic Properties
§33.14(i) Coulomb Wave Equation
3: 33.22 Particle Scattering and Atomic and Molecular Spectra
§33.22(vi) Solutions Inside the Turning Point
4: 30.12 Generalized and Coulomb Spheroidal Functions
Generalized spheroidal wave functions and Coulomb spheroidal functions are solutions of the differential equation
5: 18.39 Applications in the Physical Sciences
(where the minus sign is often omitted, as it arises as an arbitrary phase when taking the square root of the real, positive, norm of the wave function), allowing equation (18.39.37) to be rewritten in terms of the associated Coulomb–Laguerre polynomials 𝐋 n + l 2 l + 1 ( ρ n ) . …
Discretized and Continuum Expansions of Scattering Eigenfunctions in terms of Pollaczek Polynomials: J-matrix Theory
6: 31.12 Confluent Forms of Heun’s Equation
This has regular singularities at z = 0 and 1 , and an irregular singularity of rank 1 at z = . Mathieu functions (Chapter 28), spheroidal wave functions (Chapter 30), and Coulomb spheroidal functions (§30.12) are special cases of solutions of the confluent Heun equation. …
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