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1: Customize DLMF
Note: Javascript and Cookies must be enabled to support customizations.
2: About MathML
Several browsers (see Browsers supporting MathML) have quite complete MathML coverage and work well with DLMF. … Some browsers lack both MathML support and a sufficiently speedy or complete javascript implementation capable of running MathJax. …
Browsers supporting MathML
We are aware of complete MathML support in the following browsers. … Most modern browsers, however, support CSS and Javascript sufficient to run MathJax. …
3: Viewing DLMF Interactive 3D Graphics
WebGL is supported in the current versions of most common web browsers. … 1, some advanced features of X3DOM are currently not fully supported (see x3dom.org). …If you have trouble viewing the WebGL visualizations in your web browser, see x3dom.org or caniuse.com/webgl for information on WebGL browser support. … Please see caniuse.com/webgl or x3dom.org for information on WebGL browser support.
4: 35 Functions of Matrix Argument
5: Gloria Wiersma
 1937 in Washington, DC) joined the NIST staff in 1973, where she occupied various positions providing support for the Physics Laboratory until 1993. …
6: Joyce E. Conlon
She occupied various positions providing support for high performance scientific computing. …
7: Marjorie A. McClain
 1956 in Ithaca, New York) is a mathematician in the Applied and Computational Mathematics Division of NIST where she has provided support for mathematical software libraries and assisted with numerical computing projects since 1979. …
8: Browsers
Most modern browsers support either MathML, or the MathJax fallback acceptably; If yours does not, please consider upgrading. …
9: 19 Elliptic Integrals
10: Ronald F. Boisvert
His research interests include numerical solution of partial differential equations, mathematical software, and information services that support computational science. …