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1: Possible Errors in DLMF
Errors in the printed Handbook may already have been corrected in the online version; please consult Errata. …
2: How to Cite
The direct correspondence between the reference numbers in the printed Handbook and the permalinks used online in the DLMF enables readers of either version to cite specific items and their readers to easily look them up again — in either version! The following table outlines the correspondence between reference numbers as they appear in the Handbook, and the URL’s that find the same item online. …
3: Viewing DLMF Interactive 3D Graphics
Below we provide some notes and links to online material which might be helpful in viewing our visualizations, but please see our Disclaimer. …
4: Foreword
The online version, the NIST Digital Library of Mathematical Functions (DLMF), presents the same technical information along with extensions and innovative interactive features consistent with the new medium. …
5: 3.12 Mathematical Constants
For access to online high-precision numerical values of mathematical constants see Sloane (2003). …
6: Notices
  • Index of Selected Software Within the DLMF Chapters

    Within each of the DLMF chapters themselves we will provide a list of research software for the functions discussed in that chapter. The purpose of these listings is to provide references to the research literature on the engineering of software for special functions. To qualify for listing, the development of the software must have been the subject of a research paper published in the peer-reviewed literature. If such software is available online for free download we will provide a link to the software.

    In general, we will not index other software within DLMF chapters unless the software is unique in some way, such as being the only known software for computing a particular function.

  • 7: Bibliography U
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  • 8: Frank W. J. Olver
    Most notably, he served as the Editor-in-Chief and Mathematics Editor of the online NIST Digital Library of Mathematical Functions and its 966-page print companion, the NIST Handbook of Mathematical Functions (Cambridge University Press, 2010). …
    9: About the Project
    They were selected as recognized leaders in the research communities interested in the mathematics and applications of special functions and orthogonal polynomials; in the presentation of mathematics reference information online and in handbooks; and in the presentation of mathematics on the web. …
    10: Bibliography W
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