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1: Bernard Deconinck
He received his Diploma in Engineering Physics from the University of Ghent, Belgium. …
2: 34.9 Graphical Method
For an account of this method see Brink and Satchler (1993, Chapter VII). …
3: 35.9 Applications
In the nascent area of applications of zonal polynomials to the limiting probability distributions of symmetric random matrices, one of the most comprehensive accounts is Rains (1998).
4: 27.21 Tables
Lehmer (1941) gives a comprehensive account of tables in the theory of numbers, including virtually every table published from 1918 to 1941. …
5: 13.1 Special Notation
For an historical account of notations see Slater (1960, Chapter 1). …
6: 26.11 Integer Partitions: Compositions
A composition is an integer partition in which order is taken into account. …
7: 27.13 Functions
27.13.3 n = x 1 2 + x 2 2 + + x k 2 ,
where the x j are integers, positive, negative, or zero, and the order of the summands is taken into account. …
8: Preface
[This preface was written for the original release of the DLMF in 2010. For an up-to-date account of the current status of the project, see About the Project.]
9: Mathematical Introduction
The mathematical project team has endeavored to take into account the hundreds of research papers and numerous books on special functions that have appeared since 1964. … In addition, there is a comprehensive account of the great variety of analytical methods that are used for deriving and applying the extremely important asymptotic properties of the special functions, including double asymptotic properties (Chapter 2 and §§10.41(iv), 10.41(v)). …
10: DLMF Project News
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