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About the Project

Richard B. Paris

Department of Mathematics, University of Abertay Dundee
Photograph of Richard B. Paris

Richard B. Paris (b. 1946 in Bradford, U.K.) is Reader in Mathematics at the University of Abertay Dundee, U.K. He also has an honorary appointment at the University of St. Andrews, U.K. Previously, he was employed by Euratom at the French Atomic Energy Commission at Fontenay-aux-Roses and Cadarache.

Paris has published numerous papers in asymptotics, special functions, and MHD instability theory. His books are Asymptotics of High Order Differential Equations (with A. D. Wood), published by Longman Scientific and Technical in 1986, and Asymptotics and Mellin-Barnes Integrals (with D. Kaminski), published by Cambridge University Press in 2001.

Paris was elected a Fellow of the U.K. Institute of Mathematics and its Applications in 1986.

Paris is author of the following DLMF chapters

Paris served as a Validator for the original release and publication in May 2010 of the NIST Digital Library of Mathematical Functions and the NIST Handbook of Mathematical Functions.

In November 2015, Paris was named Associate Editor for his chapters.