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6 Exponential, Logarithmic, Sine, and Cosine IntegralsProperties

§6.3 Graphics


§6.3(i) Real Variable

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Figure 6.3.1: The exponential integrals E1(x) and Ei(x), 0<x2. Magnify
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Figure 6.3.2: The sine and cosine integrals Si(x),Ci(x), 0x15. Magnify

For a graph of li(x) see Figure 6.16.2.

§6.3(ii) Complex Variable

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Figure 6.3.3: |E1(x+iy)|, -4x4, -4y4. Principal value. There is a cut along the negative real axis. Also, |E1(z)| logarithmically as z0. Magnify 3D Help