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5 Gamma FunctionProperties

§5.13 Integrals

In (5.13.1) the integration path is a straight line parallel to the imaginary axis.

5.13.1 12πicic+iΓ(s+a)Γ(bs)zsds=Γ(a+b)za(1+z)a+b,
(a+b)>0, a<c<b, |phz|<π.
5.13.2 12π|Γ(a+it)|2e(2bπ)tdt=Γ(2a)(2sinb)2a,
a>0, 0<b<π.

Barnes’ Beta Integral

5.13.3 12πΓ(a+it)Γ(b+it)Γ(cit)Γ(dit)dt=Γ(a+c)Γ(a+d)Γ(b+c)Γ(b+d)Γ(a+b+c+d),

Ramanujan’s Beta Integral

5.13.4 dtΓ(a+t)Γ(b+t)Γ(ct)Γ(dt)=Γ(a+b+c+d3)Γ(a+c1)Γ(a+d1)Γ(b+c1)Γ(b+d1),

de Branges–Wilson Beta Integral

5.13.5 14πk=14Γ(ak+it)Γ(akit)Γ(2it)Γ(2it)dt=1j<k4Γ(aj+ak)Γ(a1+a2+a3+a4),
(ak)>0, k=1,2,3,4.

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