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34 3j, 6j, 9j SymbolsComputation

§34.13 Methods of Computation

Methods of computation for 3j and 6j symbols include recursion relations, see Schulten and Gordon (1975a), Luscombe and Luban (1998), and Edmonds (1974, pp. 42–45, 48–51, 97–99); summation of single-sum expressions for these symbols, see Varshalovich et al. (1988, §§8.2.6, 9.2.1) and Fang and Shriner (1992); evaluation of the generalized hypergeometric functions of unit argument that represent these symbols, see Srinivasa Rao and Venkatesh (1978) and Srinivasa Rao (1981).

For 9j symbols, methods include evaluation of the single-sum series (34.6.2), see Fang and Shriner (1992); evaluation of triple-sum series, see Varshalovich et al. (1988, §10.2.1) and Srinivasa Rao et al. (1989). A review of methods of computation is given in Srinivasa Rao and Rajeswari (1993, Chapter VII, pp. 235–265). See also Roothaan and Lai (1997) and references given there.