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34 3j, 6j, 9j SymbolsApplications

Β§34.12 Physical Applications

The angular momentum coupling coefficients (3⁒j, 6⁒j, and 9⁒j symbols) are essential in the fields of nuclear, atomic, and molecular physics. For applications in nuclear structure, see de-Shalit and Talmi (1963); in atomic spectroscopy, see Biedenharn and van Dam (1965, pp.Β 134–200), Judd (1998), Sobelman (1992, ChapterΒ 4), Shore and Menzel (1968, pp. 268–303), and Wigner (1959); in molecular spectroscopy and chemical reactions, see Burshtein and Temkin (1994, ChapterΒ 5), and Judd (1975). 3⁒j,6⁒j, and 9⁒j symbols are also found in multipole expansions of solutions of the Laplace and Helmholtz equations; see Carlson and Rushbrooke (1950) and Judd (1976).