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34 3j, 6j, 9j SymbolsApplications

§34.12 Physical Applications

The angular momentum coupling coefficients (3j, 6j, and 9j symbols) are essential in the fields of nuclear, atomic, and molecular physics. For applications in nuclear structure, see de-Shalit and Talmi (1963); in atomic spectroscopy, see Biedenharn and van Dam (1965, pp. 134–200), Judd (1998), Sobelman (1992, Chapter 4), Shore and Menzel (1968, pp. 268–303), and Wigner (1959); in molecular spectroscopy and chemical reactions, see Burshtein and Temkin (1994, Chapter 5), and Judd (1975). 3j,6j, and 9j symbols are also found in multipole expansions of solutions of the Laplace and Helmholtz equations; see Carlson and Rushbrooke (1950) and Judd (1976).