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34 3j, 6j, 9j SymbolsNotation

Β§34.1 Special Notation

(For other notation see Notation for the Special Functions.)

2⁒j1,2⁒j2,2⁒j3,2⁒l1,2⁒l2,2⁒l3 nonnegative integers.
r,s,t nonnegative integers.

The main functions treated in this chapter are the Wigner 3⁒j,6⁒j,9⁒j symbols, respectively,


An often used alternative to the 3⁒j symbol is the Clebsch–Gordan coefficient

34.1.1 (j1⁒m1⁒j2⁒m2|j1⁒j2⁒j3⁒m3)=(βˆ’1)j1βˆ’j2+m3⁒(2⁒j3+1)12⁒(j1j2j3m1m2βˆ’m3);

see Edmonds (1974, p.Β 46, Eq.Β (3.7.3)) and Rotenberg et al. (1959, p.Β 1, Eq.Β (1.1a)). For other notations for 3⁒j, 6⁒j, 9⁒j symbols, see Edmonds (1974, pp. 52, 97, 104–105) and Varshalovich et al. (1988, §§8.11, 9.10, 10.10).