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33 Coulomb FunctionsComputation

§33.24 Tables

  • Abramowitz and Stegun (1964, Chapter 14) tabulates F0(η,ρ), G0(η,ρ), F0(η,ρ), and G0(η,ρ) for η=0.5(.5)20 and ρ=1(1)20, 5S; C0(η) for η=0(.05)3, 6S.

  • Curtis (1964a) tabulates P(ϵ,r), Q(ϵ,r)33.1), and related functions for =0,1,2 and ϵ=2(.2)2, with x=0(.1)4 for ϵ<0 and x=0(.1)10 for ϵ0; 6D.

For earlier tables see Hull and Breit (1959) and Fletcher et al. (1962, §22.59).