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24 Bernoulli and Euler PolynomialsComputation

§24.20 Tables

Abramowitz and Stegun (1964, Chapter 23) includes exact values of k=1mkn, m=1(1)100, n=1(1)10; k=1k-n, k=1(-1)k-1k-n, k=0(2k+1)-n, n=1,2,, 20D; k=0(-1)k(2k+1)-n, n=1,2,, 18D.

Wagstaff (1978) gives complete prime factorizations of Nn and En for n=20(2)60 and n=8(2)42, respectively. In Wagstaff (2002) these results are extended to n=60(2)152 and n=40(2)88, respectively, with further complete and partial factorizations listed up to n=300 and n=200, respectively.

For information on tables published before 1961 see Fletcher et al. (1962, v. 1, §4) and Lebedev and Fedorova (1960, Chapters 11 and 14).