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23 Weierstrass Elliptic and Modular FunctionsModular Functions

§23.16 Graphics

See Figures for the modular functions λ, J, and η. In Figures 23.16.2 and 23.16.3, height corresponds to the absolute value of the function and color to the phase. See also About Color Map.

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Figure 23.16.1: Modular functions λ(iy), J(iy), η(iy) for 0y3. See also Figure 20.3.2. Magnify
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Figure 23.16.2: Elliptic modular function λ(x+iy) for -0.25x0.25, 0.005y0.1. Magnify 3D Help
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Figure 23.16.3: Dedekind’s eta function η(x+iy) for -0.0625x0.0625, 0.0001y0.07. Magnify 3D Help