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19 Elliptic IntegralsApplications

§19.35 Other Applications


§19.35(i) Mathematical

Generalizations of elliptic integrals appear in analysis of modular theorems of Ramanujan (Anderson et al. (2000)); analysis of Selberg integrals (Van Diejen and Spiridonov (2001)); use of Legendre’s relation (19.7.1) to compute π to high precision (Borwein and Borwein (1987, p. 26)).

§19.35(ii) Physical

Elliptic integrals appear in lattice models of critical phenomena (Guttmann and Prellberg (1993)); theories of layered materials (Parkinson (1969)); fluid dynamics (Kida (1981)); string theory (Arutyunov and Staudacher (2004)); astrophysics (Dexter and Agol (2009)).