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11 Struve and Related FunctionsNotation

§11.1 Special Notation

(For other notation see Notation for the Special Functions.)

x real variable.
z complex variable.
ν real or complex order.
n integer order.
k nonnegative integer.
δ arbitrary small positive constant.

Unless indicated otherwise, primes denote derivatives with respect to the argument. For the functions Jν(z), Yν(z), Hν(1)(z), Hν(2)(z), Iν(z), and Kν(z) see §§10.2(ii), 10.25(ii).

The functions treated in this chapter are the Struve functions Hν(z) and Kν(z), the modified Struve functions Lν(z) and Mν(z), the Lommel functions sμ,ν(z) and Sμ,ν(z), the Anger function Jν(z), the Weber function Eν(z), and the associated Anger–Weber function Aν(z).