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28 Mathieu Functions and Hill’s EquationModified Mathieu Functions

§28.21 Graphics

Radial Mathieu Functions: Surfaces

Figure 28.21.1: Mc0(1)(x,h) for 0h3, 0x2. Magnify
Figure 28.21.2: Mc1(1)(x,h) for 0h3, 0x2. Magnify
Figure 28.21.3: Mc0(2)(x,h) for 0.1h2, 0x2. Magnify
Figure 28.21.4: Mc1(2)(x,h) for 0.2h2, 0x2. Magnify
Figure 28.21.5: Ms1(1)(x,h) for 0h3, 0x2. Magnify
Figure 28.21.6: Ms1(2)(x,h) for 0.2h2, 0x2. Magnify